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Welcome to 2020 Joy! 


Build Up Your Community 



  • In family:

    • Take out the garbage​

    • Family trip for ice cream

    • Email/call grandparent

  • Local:

    • Bring celery to that neighbor who loves it!​

    • Drop a card to an older neighbor

    • Deliver a chrysanthemum to someone

    • Donate to the local food pantry

    • Support local non-profits

    • Thank our COVID heroes - teachers, fire fighters, grocery clerks, nurses and doctors, delivery people, police

  • Local - Covid

    • Run errands for elderly neighbors/those with health issues​

    • Organize support those who have lost jobs, face eviction and more

    • Make and give away masks

  • Beyond your city/town

    • Support food pantries in towns/cities with significant need​

    • Donate clothing, school supplies, toys, and more to communities hard hit by COVID and the economic downturn.

  • Self-care

    • What is this for you?​

      • A run?​

      • Coffee and good chocolate?

      • A Netflix binge?

    • Whatever it is - do a kindness (or two) for yourself

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