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I am a lifelong educator and kid at heart with experience teaching grades PK - 8, graduate and undergraduate. My Ph.D. was conferred in May 2020. I specialize in parenting and socioeconomic status, equitable parenting, relationships in education, early childhood education, family engagement policies and practices, and elementary STEM education. 


At the heart of my approach lies a deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I am driven by a profound sense of purpose and humility, recognizing that there is always more to learn. I believe that joy, compassion, and humor are essential components of this work, and I bring these qualities to every meeting, workshop, and planning session.



I possess a diverse set of skills developed through years of experience and education:

  • Working with all stakeholders: I excel in working with people from a variety of backgrounds, viewpoints, and beliefs.

  • Experienced Speaker and Facilitator: As an engaging speaker and facilitator, I bring energy and enthusiasm to every interaction, inspiring others to join me in the journey toward equity and inclusion.

  • Excellent Communicator: With clarity and empathy, I convey complex ideas and concepts, fostering understanding and connection among stakeholders and DEI concepts.

  • Innovative and Organized Educator: I approach education with innovation and organization, constantly seeking new ways to inspire and empower students to reach their full potential.

  • Facilitator of Hard Conversations: Comfortable with discomfort, I guide others through difficult topics with empathy and understanding, fostering growth and understanding.

  • Deep Understanding of Child Development: Informed by both research and practical experience, I possess a nuanced understanding of child development.

  • Understanding of Historical Systems: With a keen awareness of historical systems and their impact on education, I strive to create more equitable learning environments for all.

Together, these skills and philosophies drive me forward in my mission to create positive change, one classroom at a time

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