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We are dedicated to creating equity initiatives that “stick”. With our tailored DEI solutions, we enable schools to work at both the individual and systems levels to create inclusive environments where every student, teacher, staff member, and family member feels valued and respected.

Tailored DEI Programming

Our expertise lies in crafting tailored DEI strategies and programming that cater to the specific needs of each educational community. From professional development workshops to curriculum development, we seamlessly integrate DEI goals into the fabric of daily teaching and learning. By aligning with the mission, vision, and values of each school, we ensure that DEI initiatives are not just initiatives but integral components your school’s educational journey.

Strategic Planning for Equity

Equity is at the core of everything we do. Through our equity-centered strategic planning services, we guide schools in developing long-term visions that prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion by moving your vision into actionable plans and charting a concrete path toward a more inclusive future.

Relational Education

By fostering meaningful relationships, promoting dialogue across differences, and embracing conflict as an opportunity for transformation, we create environments where stakeholders learn to engage across differences.

Workshops (once or series)

  • "Not A Bookclub" - Facilitated discussion on hard topics through short readings and videos.  Designed for busy modern life

  • Parenting for Equity

  • Poverty Myths and Facts:  A guide to working successfully with students and families

  • Beyond the Yard Sign:  Weaving DEI into your teaching, parenting, life

  • Having Hard Conversations:  Building relationships across differences

  • All Together for Equity - creating community buy-in for DEI initiatives 

  • Parents as advocates:  Working successfully with families across social identities



  • Strategic planning for DEI that "sticks"

  • Equity Ambassadorship Program - 6 months to integrating DEI goals into day-to-day organizational life

  • DEI Troubleshooting - Uncovering and overcoming obstacles to systems level DEI

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