Sample Workshops

  • Not-A -Bookclub: Equity 101 for Busy People 

  • All Together Now: Creating Community Change

  • Parenting for Equity Workshops and Forums

  • The Anatomy of Calling in and Calling out

  • Reaching All Families:  Poverty Myths and Facts 

  • Less is More Parenting: Parenting for all children

  • Community Ecosystems and Educational Equity

  • Beyond the Yard Sign: Being equitable in everyday life

  • Tools for Teachers: Recognizing and Rolling with Parent Advocacy for their children

Equity that Sticks

  • 3, 6, or 9 months

  • Schools, businesses, organizations, parent orgs

  • Enduring change through:

    • Leadership workshops​

    • Community assessments

    • Large and small, hands-on workshops

    • Working across ideological differences

    • Powerful (but short!) resources to bring ideas to life

    • Organizational strategic planning through  an equity lens

    • Engaging all voices

    • Create systems that work


​Each year I offer a limited number of online workshops for individual parents looking to learn more and make change in their own lives and communities.  Past events include:

  • Not-A-Bookclub:  Equity 101 for Busy Parents

  • Nice White Parents (the podcast) - a facilitated discussion

  • The above are also available for bookclubs hoping to learn more about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices

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