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Welcome!  This page will share resources for working on the 2024 Election so that you can create a group on your own or work individually on protecting our democracy.

Post are organized in reverse chronology - from most recent to least.  Questions?  Contact Liz through the contact page.

Getting Started

December 2023

Group Structure:

Goal:  Assemble local people  to work together (and/or alongside) on the 2024 election.

When:  1 meeting/month Jan - June.

                2 meeting/month (July - Election)

                2 ish hours

What:  Discussion on issues,  sharing of work, of obstacles, ideas, building 

               collaborations and working in community, collaboratively and/or

                independently.  (aka – let’s get stuff done!)

What:  A "menu" of 3-4 activities (ie: sending emails, writing postcards etc.)

               Participants can bring their own project and/or choose from the


Where:  Rotating homes or in rented spaces 

Initial Email Template

December 2023

Initial Email Template - edit as desired


Hello everyone,

 We are concerned about the state of democracy in the US and are building a group to work on the 2024 Election.  Heather Cox Richardson recently called this moment in democracy a “five alarm fire”.   It is clear that the very best work we can do for justice (racial, LGBTQ+, Reproductive etc )  is to work to elect officials who embody these values – nationally, state level and locally.  

We propose to spend the next year (ish) putting regular time and resources towards this goal – preferably in community with others.

The details:

Who:               People in the [locality] area who feel similarly.

What:              A coalition of local folks working together - including both

                           discussion and action.

When:             Meet 1x/month for 2 hours (dates noted below), shifting to

                           2x/month closer to the election.

Food:               YES potluck snacks – low pressure no fuss.

Plus:                a Slack channel to stay in communication between meetings.

The work:

  •  We will have some ideas ready to go each month and will have activities ready to go - participants will be able to choose from a menu of options.

  • ​You may also have a particular area you wish to focus on (ie climate change).  Bring your own ideas and work on them, find peers to work with you.

Guiding Principles

  •  We all have the same end goal, our paths may be different – that is OK.

  • Our actions will not be perfect.  We need to act, now, and if our attempts aren’t quite right, we will adjust.

  • Lock step thinking is highly discouraged.

  • We MUST prioritize our own well-being (this is a tenet of DEI work – for all of us – even us white people).  This work will not succeed if we burn ourselves out.

What now?

  • Sign up for emails here (link)

  • First meeting on ??

Meeting Dates for winter and spring 2024:

Hope you can join us,

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