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Less is More Parenting

I think it's fair to say that parents feel heavy pressure to do the "right" things. By this, we mean the things that we believe will help our children in the future. Ideas like: be well rounded, be a good student, take accelerated classes, learn more math/science/STEM/coding, play an instrument (well), play a sport (well), get into a "good" college, volunteer and more.

However, research indicates that these goals have the opposite effect in many (though not all) kids. High pressure and over-scheduling demotivate children and a significant number do less well academically and in life. Just a reminder that a "significant number" is not the same as all. Kids and parents vary so much the most we can say is that to produce a happy, healthy, functional adult, doing less is a better strategy than doing more.

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תגובה אחת

A very good reminder for us all who tend to worry that we are not giving our children enough exposure to everything.

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