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4 Great Ted Talks on Equity

Got 20 minutes? Want to learn more? Here are 4 Ted Talks to get you thinking about equity in new

Alvoid defines microaggressions and walks the viewer through examples, deconstructing each. She discusses the power of the pause before speaking and concludes that “thinking about something before I say it is a form of kindness”.

Length – About 8 min

Hear more about the opportunity and resource gaps among schools and the corresponding costs to the economy – and our democracy - when societies do not nurture the potential of all students.

Quote: “We’re going to have to realize that our gaps in student outcomes are not so much about achievement, as they are about opportunity”.

Length – About 8 min

Eberhardt outlines the personal and societal costs of racial bias, including the impact racial bias has on discipline in schools. She discusses factors which exacerbate bias and those which “muffle it” – with compelling examples.

Quote:In a recent study, we’re finding that teachers treat black students as a group, but white students as individuals.”

Length – About 14 min

This TED Talk is a must-listen. The author talks of her own journey as a student, a writer, a human. She has been reduced to the single story and has recognized times when she has accepted only a single story of others.

Quote: “I've always felt that it is i

mpossible to engage properly with a place or a person without engaging with all of the stories of that place and that person. The consequence of the single story is this: It robs people of dignity. It makes our recognition of our equal humanity difficult. It emphasizes how we are different rather than how we are similar”.

Length – About 18 min

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