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Join the 'Nice White Parents' Podcast Discussion Group!

Three weeks till launch -sign up now!

The Exploring Nice White Parents Discussion Series is for anyone looking to examine the role whiteness plays in education.

Have you:

  • Listened to/want to listen to the Nice White Parent Podcast?

  • Wish for deep, facilitated discussion on topics of race, equity and whiteness?

  • Searched for resources to promote systemic/sustained change towards equity in your own families, institutions, and community?

The Exploring Nice White Parents Discussion Series offers:

  • 5 weeks of discussions (I hour, 15 minutes) facilitated by Liz.

  • Resources to deepen your learning following each session.

  • An opportunity to discuss creating sustainable change in our communities.

  • A pathway towards action.

How it works:

  • We'll listen to one episode each week.

  • Bring your ideas, confusions, questions, and disagreements (I'll have a few ready to go!)

  • We'll talk for most of the session and wrap up by focusing on what we can or learn next.

  • Liz will provide curated resources connected to discussions within a few days.

Cost is $75 for five sessions - Enter code FAF15 for a friends and family discount of $15.

To read more/register:

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