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Family Advocacy: Zero-Sum Parenting and Educational Equity

My most recent blog post is posted on my publisher, Lived Places Publishing, website... Here's an excerpt.

Advice in the Frozen Food Aisle

When my girls were little, I received all kinds of “helpful” feedback when at the grocery store. One warm spring morning, while really, really tired, I started my shopping with two kids in tow. Alice (age 4 1/2) was going through a “why” phase. Why does that need to be frozen? Why is that box that color? Why can’t we go home? Meanwhile, Alana (age 3), who had nicknamed herself “ACTION!,” was being … active. She’d run ahead, circle back, check in with me, dart in front of someone’s cart, grab something off the shelf, and put it down somewhere else. Honestly – I couldn’t keep up with either child and I must have sounded exasperated.

An older white man stopped me in the frozen food aisle and began to offer his thoughts. If I spoke more softly. If I came at a better time of day. If I had been better prepared. And then, the kicker.

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