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How to Pivot Your Parenting Towards Equity

Many of us want to move beyond the performative actions of yard signs, donations, and social media posts and into concrete actions to build equitable communities. Performative actions are not bad, per se. They can spark conversation, put money towards good work, and raise awareness. But there's a growing realization that this is not enough.

If this describes you - you have company on this journey. You are not alone. Equal Justice Needham for Families (EJNF) is hosting a discussion designed to move us towards parenting centered on equity. Take this first step on your journey and join EJNF on Zoom this Sunday, 12/6/20 at 8:30pm to explore our families of origin, the families we want to create, and cultural and societal expectations surrounding family. (All are welcome)

For more information and to get started, fill out this Family of Origin activity sheet, join EJNF on Facebook, and sign up for the Zoom discussion on Sunday, 12/6 (Eventbrite Link is here! )

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