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Parenting for Equity

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

What is Parenting for equity?

At the simplest level, parenting for equity accepts that in the United States, child’s life course should not be determined by where they live, how much their parents earn, or the color of their skin. Parenting for equity rejects individual success in favor of communal successes and works to educate, to raise, to protect all children alongside our children.

Parenting for equity realizes and understanding that the decisions we make as parents are not individual. The impact of these decisions is not confined to our immediate family. Instead, our parenting decisions ripple outward into the community – for good or for bad in ways that are not obvious.

Parenting for equity acknowledges that within our broad community of parents, those potentially harmed by our parenting decisions tend to be our neighbors who are black and brown and those with lower incomes.

Parenting for equity makes parenting decisions for our own children while also considering the interconnected nature of our communities and while acknowledging that our decisions ripple outward.

Parenting for equity recognizes that some parents simply have bigger voices and more power. If that describes us, we have a responsibility to wield our voice and power thoughtfully, respectfully, ethically and for the greater good.

Parenting for equity prioritizes the needs of the whole over the needs over our own children, understanding that caring for all results in a stronger future for everyone.

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