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Post-Roe Paralysis - 5 ways to get unstuck

After Uvalde I crashed. I used to be an elementary teacher and the terror of the Uvalde teachers and students was palpable. I remember one disaster training when I was a first-grade teacher. We learned how to triage - to sort our students in categories: dead, soon to be dead, and may live.

Between the mass shootings, the on-going revelations of the January 6th committee, and of course, the decimation of Roe v. Wade...

I've been stuck, frozen.

After all, how can I, mom to 3, small business owner, teacher, avid coffee drinker - go up against the rich and powerful? But what if I don't? If I don't do something, my daughters will live in a world in which their peers in other states may simultaneously have no legal access to birth control and no legal access to abortion.

So, I pulled together 5 things we can do to overcome paralysis and to move the needle back towards bodily autonomy.

  1. Share your views - anywhere and everywhere.

  2. Donate - Yes, donation works. Support organizations which support women, children, and families in states without abortion rights. Find a list here.

  3. Get clear on your why - why do you support a women's right to choose? Do you have a personal connection? Can you share your story? Write it out. Practice saying it out loud.

  4. Talk to people who don't agree with you - No shouting or name calling. Listen to them and ask them to listen to you - above all share your why. Find areas of commonality - they do exist. We will never achieve our goals without building - instead of destroying - our relationships.

  5. Work locally - start or join a group in your area. Bring people in. Educate and organize.

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