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Sign Up Today! Not-A-Bookclub for Busy People

Want to learn more about equity but too busy for a bookclub?

This “Not-A-Bookclub” is perfect for busy parents without the time or bandwidth to read full books but who are still eager to explore racial equity through a local, personal, and parenting lens.

Over these 5 weeks we’ll cover: important definitions, the importance of intersectionality, the interplay of our parenting with equity, of our children and equity and above all- how to weave equity into our parenting, our families and our communities.

Each session includes a list of short resources (think articles and videos) and a one hour and 15-minute discussion facilitated by Liz on Zoom. Read/view all the resources – or just one. In our discussions, we’ll share questions, confusions and ideas for action as a way to move us forward. Limited to 20 participants.


When: Mondays at 8-9:15pm ET, 5 evenings 3/1, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, and 3/29

Who: Parents (and those who work with parents) interested in:

  • An introduction to equity

  • Thinking about equity their families and communities

  • Interested in making change in their lives and their communities

  • A focus on action

Cost: $75.00 ($60 with code Blog21 - for a $15 discount.)

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