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Applying Antiracist Parenting - Personally

Antiracism and antiracist parenting are an increasing part of our world. I could write you all a full article (if you follow my blog, you know I LOVE to write!) but others have written passionately and succinctly on this topic.

However, for anyone interested in thinking about HOW they enact antiracism (parenting or otherwise), I wrote "a whole bunch" below these resources. This is my thinking on intellectual or broad community actions versus personal and reflective actions and how the personal and reflective side is critical to on-going White Privilege Clean Up.


To get started with antiracist parenting, try:

Antiracist Parenting Podcast (and Blog!) - by SooJin Pate and Hannah Carney


Thinking about Racism - Intellectually? Or Personally?

Recently (and thanks to a group discussion with EJNF (Equal Justice Needham for Families) , I realized that I have a preference for intellectual and hypothetical approaches - in other words - big ideas. Unfortunately, looking at race in the US in this ways takes me right out of equation.

Theoretical approaches allow me to avoid examination of my personal role in racist institutions - the abstract discussion makes feel as though I've done something positive while also allowing me to ignore ways in which my parenting has titled toward inequity, has unbalanced my community ecosystem, has played right into systemic racism.

I'm recommitting to self-exploration with heaps of humility to face hard truths about my own complicity in racism. And - one part of the White Privilege Clean Up Crew centers around identifying how our own privilege impacts others.

Check out my starting questions below...


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