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White Privilege Clean Up Crew: Making America Great for the First Time

Jan 6th 2021 was a horrible day for the United States. We watched as Trump supporters – primarily white men but also white women - stormed the Capitol Building and halted the certification of the 2020 election – simply because they didn’t like the results. (T-shirt available here)

White Male Privilege

It’s hard to imagine a starker example of privilege. These people used their enormous privilege footprint to force their way into the U.S. Capitol Building. They battered windows until they broke. They destroyed and stole. Their sense of privilege was so large that, not only didn’t they hide their actions, they livestreamed them to the whole world. All while wearing those stupid red hats.

This is white, male privilege at its most arrogant.

Make America Great for the First Time

Make America Great Again. As if America were EVER great for our black and brown citizens, immigrants, women, LGBTQ, the disabled… Being great doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to carry guns everywhere. It doesn’t mean you can pollute. Greatness especially does not condone and promote discrimination.

A great country values and cares for all citizens regardless of race, gender, orientation, ability, country of origin, and religion. A great country takes care of ALL children assuring that NO children are hungry. NO children have sub-par education. A great country has a booming economy that supports all – not just the rich.

I want to reclaim and reframe MAGA by adopting Kim Turner’s more honest and hopeful version: Make America Great for the First Time. Let’s recycle Trump’s tired, racist dog whistle. Let’s take it over and redefine it. Above all, let’s show Trump and his supporters what greatness really looks like.

White Privilege Clean Up Crew

Our job is to push back – and push back hard. I’m especially calling on my peers who are white (although everyone is welcome), in positions of power, with resources and energy to make even small change.

White male privilege has made a mess of our country. As a white mom, an educator, and a citizen, I believe that it is my responsibility to clean up this mess. The time has come for the White Privilege Clean Up Crew to roll up our sleeves and get to work. If we all work together, we can Make America Great for the First Time.

I’m ready. Who’s with me?

What next?

To hear more, follow along:

Upcoming opportunities include:

  • Parenting for Equity Ecourse,

  • "Not-A -Bookclub" (short readings and facilitated discussions re:equity)

  • Community Change Maker groups (with enough interest).

Stayed tuned and/or email me at to get on a list.


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